Amos Nwachukwu releases a Motivational Article Titled 'First Trial'

Amos Nwachukwu, a 17 year boy who works as a Graphics Designer but loves talking to young people like him to learn more. Among his hobbies is watching/playing football, Travelling and meeting new people not forgetting the old ones. First Trial is one of the articles he has written and he is ready to release more as time goes on. Enjoy the article.
I quote it First trial because it best explains what I'm going to talk about better.
What do we mean by first?
First in this case means "most eminent or exalted, most excellent, Chief or highest.
What is trial?
Trial is an opportunity to test something out OR A Test.
"First Trial" is your highest opportunity you test something out or your most exalted opportunity to test something out.
Okay let's go further!
After the first time you try something out be it good or bad trust me doing it the second time ain't gonna be a problem.
Though it gonna be hard to pass through the FIRST TRIAL of anything.
For some people to pass through that phase they may need "MORALE, MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, PER EVEN A FORCE ON THEM."
Like the storyline the popular Musician Falz used in his song "CHILD OF THE WORLD" that tells us about a young lady that had to experience her own first trial of sex in a bad way which had a negative effect on her throughout her life.
A man Who had the zeal to talk to people like being a motivational speaker but fear of crowd couldn't allow him do so but once he is able you conquer it at first doing it over and over again is going to be nothing for him.
One thing about doing some thing at FIRST is that ur has a long way to affect the rest of your life either positive or negative.
But make problem is how to do it First
There some of us that want to do so many things but we are not courageous enough to start it.
But if you don't cross boundaries to do that thing you want to do you won't go anywhere. Like I said earlier on some people needs "MORALE, MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, PER EVEN A FORCE ON THEM."
Look at those that became successful in various aspects or business in life, Go through their stories, they had to break through a particular DOOR which had a long way to go in their life it could be negative or positive.
What I'm trying to imply with these is that we should be careful the way we try something out because whenever we try it once and it goes all well according to our plans doing it over and over again won't be a problem.
In conclusion there's a spirit behind the FIRST TRIAL of something. It keeps pushing us to do more.
So let's be in what we do and try to make sure we are always on a safer side.

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