“Baby, c’mon! It’s going to be fun! We have to go with the others…. please don’t say No!”

Mary’s voice brought him out of oblivion, he look at her as she made a sad face, like a

puppy waiting to be thrown a treatie. He knew she wouldn’t take a no for an answer, her

mind’s made up already. All of her friends had agree to the camping, all of his friends too.

Only him would be the odd one out. He doesn’t know why but something about the whole

thing just doesn’t feel right. He sighed and finally spoke; “Okay Honey, We’ll go with

them, know that I’m doing this just for you”

Mary replied “Thanks baby! It’s going to be fun, i promise. I love you Lanre !.”……

“I love you too, Mary” He replied with a smile.

It’s the end of the session, too much stress from University of Ibadan and it has worn

them all out. From numerous assignments to impromptu tests, also the wickedly

schedule examination time table…. Lanre has concluded in his mind that UI is more of a

military camp than a university. Now that the session is over, he had hoped to return

back to Abeokuta in Ogun state to his family house where he’d eat all the food his

stomach could admit in preparation for the next semester but suddenly this talk of going

camping had dented his plans.

Some guys in his department had suggested they all go camping at a nearby village.

“Just for fun and celebration” they had said. Most nerds had turned down the idea but

the party-lovers and fun-seekers of the English department, University of Ibadan had

voiced their support for the camp. Lanre was caught off guard when his girlfriend had

pleaded they should take part in it.

Mary and Lanre had been in a relationship for 8 months now and all seems to be going

on well. Though, they both move with different crowds but had found a way to make

things work so far. She is the fun-loving and party-going kind of girl but he is more laid

back, he preferres being indoors and when he is not busy reading a particular course , he’

s probably reading a novel or surfing the net on his phone. He never stops reading and

that shows alot in his academic performances. With a CGPA of 4.88, he is the best

student in his class. When the news broke that he started dating Mary many had hinted

she’s dating him just so he could help her write her tests and assignments.

Mary isn’t the type of girl you find reading but she’ll definitely be seen going to a show,

attending a dinner or on her way to a birthday party she probably has no idea who the

celebrant was. That’s the relationship they have, a laid back, easygoing and gentle guy

with an outspoken firecracker of a girl.

So…are we paying or something?

He asked, even though he knew if there was any payment to be made, she would’ve paid


Mary replied with a smile and a wink.. . “We’re leaving first thing tomorrow morning Lanre


“What?? Tomorrow? You didn’t tell me the camping thing is that close, M”

“Baby! What difference does it make if it’s tomorrow, next week or next month? You’ve

already agreed to go because of me” Mary replied

Lanre sighed and nodded. That’s the closest they’ve always got into a fight. Snapping

back at each other and catching their breath later. They’re the perfect couple and Lanre

always wondered how lucky he was to have gotten a chance with a type of girl like Mary.

She, a sophisticated and rich girl dating him, who is from the not so rich background

seems like a story pulled out a romantic Harlequin novel. But here they are dating and

everything seems to be going perfectly, If only he knew the dangers that awaits them

both .

~To be Continued ~



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