Meet Fast Rising Contortionist 'Turf'

Meet Fast Rising Contortionist Turf

 Meet Fast Rising Contortionist Turf

Turf is one of the fast rising contortionist making good names for himself. He is very talented when it comes to Body Twisting (Contortion).

Know more about Turf as you read the interview with him below.

What’s your name?

My names are Oladimeji Gbotemi Ayomide popularly known as ‘Turf’

How did your contortion started?

Started two years ago when i saw stuffs dat made me try some,ever since then been working on getting better

 Meet Fast Rising Contortionist 'Turf'

Is there a contortionist you’re looking up to?

No role contortionist but there are lots of people that push me to be better.

Is it only Entertainment Events that you can perform in?

No, I can perform anywhere.

What’s your goal towards this talent (Contortionist)?

To become the most successful contortionist in Nigeria.

Watch Turf’s Performance below:

Has the journey been easy for you since its your talent?

No, it has not been easy, but God is taking absolute control.

What are the challenges you’re facing?

Management issue is the main challenge than I’m currently facing, other challenges are little.

Meet Fast Rising Contortionist 'Turf'

Meet Fast Rising Contortionist 'Turf'

Are you under agreement with any company? If no, are you ready to be signed?

No, depends on the contract/agreement.

Connect with Turf on the following social media platforms

Facebook: Oluwagbotemi Mayowa Ayomide.



Meet Fast Rising Contortionist 'Turf'

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