Why I pray for women naked, shave their private part hair – Pastor confesses in Ondo

Why I pray for women naked, shave their private part hair – Pastor confesses in Ondo

women nakedPastor Matthew Olakunle of the Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Itura in Iju town, Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State, has stated that he prays for women naked because God answers prayers faster without the clothes on.

He stated this while admitting to the allegation of praying for the women in the church naked.

A 32-year-old woman, Omotola Akerele had accused the pastor while featuring in a programme on Adaba FM Akure, the Ondo State, of sleeping with her and getting her pregnant during a spiritual cleansing.

She stated it was her mom, a member of the church, that introduced her to the pastor when she was battling with a severe cough.

Omotola, who hails from the town narrated that as a result of the intercourse she had with the pastor, she got pregnant and later aborted the pregnancy without the consent of her husband.

She told the radio station, “I had a severe cough and my mom took me to Pastor Olakunle Mathew for prayer in Iju. After praying for me he said I needed a shaving stick and a handkerchief to carry out the spiritual exercise which I took to him.

“The pastor told me that if he wanted to use my hair to carry out some spiritual work that would solve my spiritual problem. On the night of that first day we got there, he asked me to put off my clothes in the presence of my mom to pray for me in the mission house.

“Since that day, he has been asking me to come back for deliverance and when I got there he would ask me to remove my clothes and lie on the bed. He would lie on me naked and be praying for me.

“On the seventh day, he shaved the hair of my private part and my armpit hair and put the hair in the white handkerchief. After that, we had sexual intercourse and after the intercourse, he told me to go and bury the hair in the handkerchief.”

Omotola added that she aborted the pregnancy but her husband later got to know about it and despatched her out of the house.

However, the pastor explained that Omotola’s case was a spiritual attack and she agreed to endure the spiritual exercise carried out on her in the church.

Olakunle, who said he had been transferred by the C.A.C to another church in Ilorin, Kwara State, however, denied having sexual intercourse with Omotola.

He additionally denied impregnating her but he confessed to having had sexual relationship with Omotola’s younger sister twice and had prayed for their mom too while being naked.

He said, “On the third day of the spiritual programme, I shaved the hair on her private part and I touched it (her private part) with my penis and I instructed her to be using my penis to rob the entrance of her private half so that she would discharge.

“After that, I wiped the discharge of her private part with the white handkerchief and I prayed for her using psalm 24.

“After the exercise, I asked her to go and bury the handkerchief in the bush. I asked her to call her husband to do it for her however she refused, that was why I did it for her but I didn’t have sex with her.”

Why I pray for women naked, shave their private part hair – Pastor confesses in Ondo

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