RELATIONSHIP MATTERSThis Piece is strictly written to the 18+ group, thus parental advisory is encouraged.

Effectively, it’s all about relationships.

A facet of relationships is outlined as the attitude and emotional vibe that two folks show towards one another. In the reality of life we live in, the phrase relationship has been popularly tagged to imply a mutual, romantic feeling between two opposite sex. Speaking about break up, it could be referred to as the end of a relationship resulting from the choice of one or more parties thou its mostly initiated by one party.

Harvey Specter, a superb chap in the series “SUITS” said “the decision of break up in any relationship is never mutual “ and I personally agree because no matter how “mutual” they can pretend to make it, a party made the move and the other acquiesced it. The causes of break-ups are numerous however no general reasons as there are specifics to some relationship however am briefly just going to focus on two out of a number of reasons which include;

  1. Cheating; this could be deduced from a relationship that wasn’t based on commitment, love and belief from the onset by one of the partners. Probably just based on sex, cash, appearance admits other things lynched the relationship. In such case , it might not be obvious from the beginning nevertheless it step by step gains presence . It could also be seen in a relationship where the emotions and want of commitment of one just happen to FADE AWAY. This, in the way I see it, means there were no actual emotions and desire to stay committed initially. Although relationship is greater than feelings, it’s much more of a commitment as it has been placed side by side. Relationships founded on feelings alone was just a make-believe that was in their head and acted upon.

  2. Misunderstanding; I think this is another necessary aspect to a relationship; understanding your partner. This should be part of the bedrock of each relationship and that’s the reason I personally don’t believe in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT because you really don’t have an idea who the individual is, you could solely have presumed and then you say you already in love, with what exactly if I may ask?Characteristically, people are different. You should take your time to review and yet get to know the person. Does their character match yours? If not, can you cope with the differences? How well do you complement one another? You should know these before any additional step towards starting a relationship. Two individuals who understand each other have more tendencies to stick together more, so I want to suggest more time should be dedicated to understanding and building. Take time to talk, love, live and discover.


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